Our Policies

Krystalline Salt Limited is committed to maintaining high standards in production of safe Salt products at all levels in its manufacturing operations and continually improving the quality of its products and services. In line with the above policy, we:-

  1. maintain high hygiene standards in all our manufacturing units.
  2. sell products that meet customer requirements.
  3. ensure timely provision of resources to meet the requirements of the food safety management system.
  4. continually improve the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System through management reviews, internal audits, measurement and analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions.

Krystalline Salt Limited recognizes that our operations have an effect on the local and global environment. As a result of this, the management is committed to a program of continual improvement and the prevention of pollution so as to minimize the potential harmful effects of such activities.

  1. Our guiding principle is to meet, all relevant environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice in order to minimize any adverse environmental effects caused as a consequence of our activities and products.
  2. We support Environmental Conservation, by planting Mangrove trees, Casuarina trees and Eucalyptus trees in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).
  3. We use Biomass energy. Wood is a carbon neutral fuel. The carbon dioxide emitted during burning is equal to the carbon dioxide that the biomass absorbed while it was growing. The fuel gases of biomass fuel are the least polluting to the environment compared to fuel oil, diesel, coal and even natural gas. The ash of biomass fuel is also very safe unlike all competing fuels. The ash contains only minerals that were absorbed by the biomass from the soil during its growth. This we can safely return back to the soil as a micro-nutrient fertilizer. We are also utilizing a lot of biomass that would otherwise go to waste such as Coconut shells and core, Cashew nut shells.
  4. We implement our policies through a coordinated environmental management system. We set targets and goals to improve our environmental performance. The company maintains that a primary part of its corporate environmental strategy is to sustainable manage waste and to recycle materials wherever possible. This leads to effective waste management and efficient resource management in all departments

Krystalline Salt Limited is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment to all employees. In line with the above policy, we:-

  1. create awareness to employees on healthy and safe working procedures through continuous awareness and training. We periodically call OHS experts to train our staff and perform Audit of our process.
  2. respond quickly to emergencies by abiding to emergency planning and preparedness procedures.
  3. engage in activities that promote occupational health and safety.
  4. maintain and continually improve an effective occupational health and safety programme, which meet the requirements of the applicable statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.
  5. minimize the occurrence of OHS accidents by identifying hazards and initiating preventive and corrective action procedures appropriately. Routine factory inspections are held to identify possible hazards such as mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, electrical hazards, fire, hot temperatures, bright light and glares, noise, ergonomic hazards, transport hazards, atmospheric dust (from the surrounding environment) and biological hazards.

Krystalline Salt Limited is committed to excellence and continual improvement in providing the highest quality goods and services to customers and others in our business environment. In line with the above policy, we:-

  1. have a full Laboratory at our Manufacturing plant and at our Sales and Distribution centre. Daily Lab tests on all ur products are conducted and recorded.
  2. work on a partnership basis with customers to satisfy their needs.
  3. respond quickly and thoroughly to customer complaints, service requests and customer survey reports.


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