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We recognize salt as being an abundant gift from mother nature. We treasure it for all its uses and unique properties. We respect its heritage. And we love its taste.

Salt is Surreal,




Krystalline Salt Limited is the one of the largest salt producer in East Africa. Our Head Office is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our Salt works, refinery and packaging operations are in located 20 Kms from Malindi town in sub towns namely Gongoni and Marereni, all on Malindi-Lamu road. Our Sales and Distribution operations are carried out from Changamwe, Mombasa. We have Distribution Depots in Nairobi and Malaba. Currently our products are available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, North Malawi and South Sudan.

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Kaysalt Premium

Kaysalt Premium is available in Kenya in packs of 200g/500g/1kg/2kg.


Kaysalt is available in packs of 200g/500g/1kg in Tanzania.


Habari salt is available in packs of 200g/500g in Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda.

Kaysalt Refined Salt

Kaysalt Refined Salt is available in packs of 25kg/50kg in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, DRC, and Malawi.

Kaysalt Coarse Salt

Kaysalt Coarse Salt is available in packs of 50kg in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, DRC, and Malawi.

Kaysalt Bakery Salt

Kaysalt Bakery Salt is available in packs of 50kg in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Malawi.

UN Global Compact

It has become the evident that companies are expected to play their role as corporate citizens. Companies are expected to have a human face rather than focus internally on their growth and profits. To be a corporate citizen, companies are required or more so encouraged to engage in the local communities where they conduct business. They are required to ethically operate in methods that respect all human rights, their employees, and the environment. Krystalline Salt Limited made a conscious decision to join the United Nations Global Compact as participants in 2013 as it reinforces our long-term commitment to the U.N. principles protecting human rights, labor, the environment, and combating corruption and fraud.



Principle 1,2 At Krystalline Salt Limited, through our ‘KAYWAY’ we emphasize that we treat all with respect. We are committed to meeting our corporate responsibility to respect universally-accepted human rights throughout our operations, value chain and business relationships, as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Our Senior staff have undertaken training on Human Rights. We believe that meeting the corporate responsibility to respect human rights is a key vehicle through which we can help achieve the broader vision of peaceful and inclusive societies, as embraced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Principle 3,4,5 At Krystalline Salt, we have strict procedures to eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour and have polices that prevent employment of child labour. In our efforts to eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation we have converted over 400 casuals to permanent staff. We intend to convert the remaining casuals to permanent staff by end of 2016. We are now a larger and more motivated family. All permanent staff are housed with free water and electricity. They are awarded with an annual increment, an annual bonus and gift hamper during Christmas with a surprise gift from Mr and Mrs Chairman. Every year the surprise gift is a valuable household product that allows them to sustain. Example a Solar Lamp for the home, an economic Jiko for cooking, etc


Principle 7,8,9 We take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. We continue to undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and adapt environmentally friendly technologies. At the refinery we use biomass-wood fuel, which is clean energy and environmentally friendly. In 2014, with the aim of being sustainable, we had embarked on growing 2 Million trees. We only need 80,000 trees anually. These trees will creates an environmentally friendly green belt. We have engaged over 100 farmers who will be growing these trees for us. We provide the seedlings and technical support. After 5-7 years once the trees yield, the respective farmers will be able to sell the tree to us and continue to grow more trees. This has also created an income for the farmers and will also allow them to use their land more productively.


Principle 10. We continue to work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. Our senior staff have undergone the training regarding this and we intend to cover training for all staff members by end of 2017. This has been the most difficult pillar as our operations have slowed down however we have learnt to work very hard and smart.


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In September of 2015, the United Nations released the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of goals with 169 targets to serve as guideposts toward sustainable development. These goals cover a range of issues including ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, and combating climate change. On June 22nd and 23rd 2016, members of the U.N. Global Compact — the U.N. initiative with the private sector to advance sustainability — came together in New York for the Leaders Summit. Krystalline Salt Limited was the only business entity represented at the two day summit. The two-day summit kicked off with remarks from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Lise Kingo (executive director of the U.N. Global Compact) who discussed the principles and solutions for the new era of responsible business. Ms. Kingo opened the summit with a call-to-action for the private sector, “Business too has come to realize that the past is no longer viable as a business proposition for the future". Over the two days, leaders from the private sector, civil society and governments explored practical ways to deliver on concrete strategies. With over 1,000 attendees participating, some of the best and brightest shared their common vision and unique ideas.

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