For the soon to be mothers of Magarini Constituency

Prior to 1988, Magarini constituency (located in Kenya) had no maternity ward. For the residents there, this was pretty problematic because delivery of babies can be risky for some mothers. In 1988, we took it upon ourselves to build the first maternity ward in Magarini allowing doctors and nurses to work hard at keeping the risks associated with child birth to a minimum.

In 2005, we added to the ward by building a second block, and in 2015, we added a third block. This was mainly to facilitate better storage and distribution of drugs and equipment. We continue to provide annual medical kits to the facility, and till today, this stands as the only maternity ward in Magarini constituency.

The services provided by the ward include:

  1. Maternity/Labor/Post-natal care (PNC)
  2. Anti-natal care services (ANC)
  3. Family planning (F/P)
  4. Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)
  5. Diagnostic Testing & counseling (DTC)
  6. HIV testing and counseling (HTC)
  7. Anti-retoviral therapy (ART)
  8. Child Growth Monitoring
  9. Deliveries
  10. Immunization
  11. Nutritional Counseling
  12. Voluntary Counseling and testing (VCT)
  13. Public Health Services
  14. Laboratory Services
  15. Curative and Diagnostic services.

Currently, the ward delivers an average of 25 babies per month. The ward employs 2 clinical officers, 3 nurses, a public health officer, a laboratory technologist, store keepers, and other support staffs comprising of cleaners and security. The nurses, clinical officers, lab technologist, and public health officer are deployed by the County Government of Kilifi. Others are employed by the Dispensary Health Committee.

Since it’s construction the ward has achieved many milestones such as –

  • The dispensary was awarded the best dispensary in record keeping in 2015 following their proper records of issuance of Insecticide Treated Nets to the community.
  • It was also awarded as the number one dispensary having the best drug store in Kilifi County. Other dispensaries are now learning from them.
  • They have a scheduled outreach program every Thursday ensuring they have a strong bond with the community, which has lead to them gaining the community’s trust over the years.
  • Their services have extended far wider, outside their jurisdiction, and they have reached out to isolated areas of Bora Imani and Kanagoni.
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